• We are committed

    to a Never-Ending

    Improvement Process

Our Mission

Executive 2000 Institute was founded on the guiding principle that the Intellectual Human Capital is the primary resource behind every successful Society.

We also believe that all people are entitled to dignity, respect, recognition, suitable coaching/guidance, leadership and great future. Therefore, our mission is to provide a global and genuine quality source of Business and Education support based upon this principle.

As the only multi-lingual Business Management and High Education Consulting Organization in North America, we are dedicated to work cooperatively to build a long-term relationship to assist:


to exploit their greatest potential and to maximize their business development through the most refined Global HR Outsourcing Services and Operations Management Processes.


to optimise their highest capacity and to enter the best renown colleges and Universities or to acquire an employment of their choice.

Graduate Students

To provide and assist each and every single graduate student to acquire a dream career/employment through either a group or an “elite one-on-one coaching program” second to none.


To ensure a minimum of 95% of success ratio among all our MMI APPLICANTS.

We believe that…

Our Clientele fulfilment with our Products and Quality Services will determine our future existence; Therefore, our goal is to be recognized by our customers (Business or High Education) as an innovative, cost-effective, high quality, multidimensional resource. This requires thorough understanding of our customers’ present and future needs. Whether our clientele belongs to:

The Business World seeking to optimize its performance, or whether our customers base is made up by.

University /Collegiate Graduates, MMI candidates, we will strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients based on trust and integrity as well as getting involved with their challenges.

Every single University/College in the World, every renown Institute of High Education, is seeking to achieve the Highest Acceptance rate among the most qualified prospective students. Hence, we will dedicate every single effort to ensure that noble purpose is fulfilled.

We will conduct our business at all times in a rational, ethical, and professional manner with customers, governments, suppliers, community neighbours, and the general public by: Displaying a positive influence in our community by encouraging our staff to participate in local government and community affairs and by supporting humanitarian as well as community causes. Our Community is an integral part of our business. Executive 2000 Institute will make every effort to be an exemplary corporate citizen of the community.


We are committed to a Never-Ending Improvement Process in every project we undertake, Business Development, Talent Acquisition & Development, Brand Positioning, Higher Education and Global Competitive Position.

We will strive to surpass both our Customers ENDLESS needs, our candidates’ BOUNDLESS aspirations, thereby, ensuing on-going and prosperity of our company and providing our partners, associates and shareholders with an exceptional return.

Our Vision

To be, and remain, the leading Global Innovative Intellectual Human Capital Organization, renowned in both Business and Higher Education by:

Creating a Critical Path Method and Business Plan that lend a sense of purpose and direction respectively for candidates and Organizations.

Setting the stage of every single student to thrive in the Global Competitiveness in Higher Education-from Character building to a Dream Career.

Delivering World Class Innovative Solutions to a wide range of emerging challenges in Business or in Higher Education.

Developing unique improvement tools and processes to optimize Organizations’ Return on Investment.

To provide every candidate, student with the necessary tools (skills/or guidance) to enter the best universities in the World, and to find a dream career after graduating.

To equip every MMI APPLICANT with the necessary abilities and competences to increase his/her success ratio by more than 95%, not only to enter the best Specialized School of his choice (Medicine, Dentistry, Nursery, Pharmacy, Optometry, etc.,) but also to select the best University in the World especially Canada and US.

Tapping into the creative powers of each person and by balancing team goals with the individuals need to excel.

Developing unique improvement tools and processes to optimize both individual performance and Organizations’ Return on Investment.

Infusing our Business Leaders with ongoing training and education, our employees with pride in workmanship, and our children with a character building compass.

Selecting and sustaining a motivated work force through the implementation of Effective Succession Planning Methods, the execution of the most Advanced Recruiting Strategies and the application of Recognition/Achievements Programs.