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The MMI Global Institute and Higher Education is the International Educational Branch of the globally renowned Executive 2000 Institute, an International Consulting firm constituted of a team of professionals and academic associates, who use a critical thinking method (CPM) and a scientific approach to assist prospective students with career path development and admissions to undergraduate, graduate and professional programs (e.g. Medicine, Optometry, Dentistry, Pharmacy, etc.).
Whether you are an applicant seeking to get admitted to a renowned School /College / University, or whether you are a new graduate looking to secure an employment with a great Organization and /or to optimize your success ratio, the MMI Global Institute and Higher Education both curriculum and programs will ensure that everyone has a fair chance of admissions to highly competitive professional programs or secure a great employment despite the current admissions and interview practices.
Having built a formidable reputation since 1987 and a loyal client base based on trust, honesty and integrity and an expanding client base in Europe, Asia and the Middle East we decided to form the MMI Global Institute and Higher Education to provide our full range of very specific Business and Education Services not just to our international clients but also for all the future Global Leaders, regardless of the field where they want to carve their personal dream, Educational endeavor or Business Brand.


Whether YOU are looking to secure a career, to pursue a higher education, or just to apply to a College/University, we believe that every single minute of time YOU have dedicated to your education must have a positive outcome and therefore YOU deserve to achieve your purpose. It is scientifically insane to believe /or to accept that a graduate student with a great GPA should go through some traumatic challenges to secure his future (i.e. failing the MMI, rejected to get a job, application to pursue a higher education being declined, etc..). Our curriculum, programs or training are designed to ensure total success. Up to 2017, every single student who went through our program (“MMI MADE EASY”) succeeded!

We believe also that our applicants’ satisfaction (Students’ Colleges and University Graduates, etc.,) with our programs and quality services will determine our future existence, therefore, our goal is to be recognized by our Clientele not only as an innovative (we will use the most critical thinking method to assist you find solutions), cost-effective (we will ensure a positive return in time , capital , means or resources) , high quality, multidimensional resource, but the “place where you get the key to the door of your future”.

This requires thorough understanding of our students/applicants’ present and future needs. We will develop long-term relationships with our clients based on trust and integrity as well as getting involved with their challenges.

We are very demanding and totally dedicated to our students: we work for the students and not the other way around… hence both our coaching and mentoring process is based solely on proven principles including the assistance of previous students.

Our Philosophy

At the Noble Global Institute we have conceived an exclusive methodology to educational and professional success. Whether we are educating and coaching you vital skill of developing a mere application, Interview and communication skills, or helping you understand your profile to optimize your own unique learning style, we always remain consistent to proven scientific advanced methods.

Hence, we have incorporated three principles (advanced oratory and interpersonal skills, Critical thinking methods, and ongoing exercise/practices of learned principles) in order to craft a long-term successful approach to Higher Education and to assist you expand internally and to blossom into a sovereign future scholar , Healthcare specialist or professional.


Our Founder, Chairman and CEO, Dr. Omar Benidir founded Executive 2000 Institute on the guiding principle that people are the primary resource behind every successful organization. Analogously, similar values and ideologies have been infused when instituting the key foundations of The Noble Global Institute

Omar Benidir holds a Doctorate - Engineering Degree, Operations Management from Laval University, Quebec City, Canada.

We believe that believe that every student, regardless his cultural background, social status, deserves to succeed access to higher education, regardless of his or her social status or cultural background. However, in our opinion, most of the current admissions practices, tools and procedures are not necessarily fair and for the most part out-dated and more importantly, remain scientifically unproven.

His outstanding success with people and their productivity has won him the loyalty and devotion not only of his clients, but also the employee and management teams he has helped develop over the past 29 years.

MMI Made Easy: the book

“The key to the Medical School of your choice”.

One of the best practical guide to enter Medical Schools. Written for students seeking to be admitted in Medical and Health Sciences Programs (Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Optometry, Nursery, etc.), “MMI Made Easy” is a practical guide to provide students with the advice, the attributes and the practice they need to successfully perform during the Multi- Multi-Interviews.

“MMI ME” is a total compendium of Questions, Workshops and cutting-edge interview stratagems to optimize applicants’ admission to the Medical School of their choice.

MMI ME: The Program

“The Easy-Path to the Medical School of your choice”.

Either a One-on-One Coaching Program or a Group-Sessions Seminar, “MMI ME” (“MMI Made Easy”) is a compendium intended not only to grasp the intentions behind the MMI process, but most importantly to assist the applicants to acquire the vital skills /talents that enable them to optimise their success yield during an in vivo Multi Mini Interview. As a result, the student will be exposed to the latest techniques, methods and practices of the cutting-edge interviews, to learn and to embrace the most suitable strategy to each MMI scenario: Our success ratio for our candidates is statistically far better than the national average.

Every MMI Program offered through Executive 2000 Institute provides practical, “real world”, applications and MMI exercises for the participants. Worksheets for Medical Ethics cases, Standard and Critical Thinking Scenarios, acting situations, communication stations, etc., are all designed to be continued and followed through on once the program has been completed.

In the last five years, every one of our” MMI ME” student got accepted to the Medical School of their choice.

The Inner Global Village

The Tale

Dr. Omar Benidir also co-wrote the bestselling book “The Inner Global Village”, a Leadership Character-Building journey to prepare your children today – for tomorrow’s success:

As stated by the Former President of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, the Inner Global Village is:

What every parent needs to read,

what every leader requires to reach,

what every young person deserves to learn!

“How to become an eagle in a world of seagulls”

School with Total Success - The Program

“School with Total Success is designed to bring out the best in any child”.

Dr. Benidir conceptualized and developed “School with Total Success “a unique program created specially to guide young people as they journey towards building Character-Leadership. With the aim of nurturing and developing tomorrow’s leaders, this program is essential for children, parents, educators, counsellors, and coaches alike.

Children that take our program achieve better results at schools, have better attendance and high success ratio during their admission to the University.


The proceeds of the books supports “The Noble Prize of Character Award", a reward program that grants 40 scholarships of $7,500 each year for deserving students to pursue post secondary education.

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