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The Inner Global Village

Chapter 3
The Wisdom of Choice

“Every time you find yourself looking for direction on the map of life, be sure to choose the road that will lead you to your Purpose, as bumpy as it may seem. If you make the right Choice, you will feel peace and great relief. You will feel free from fear and self-doubt. When you make the wrong Choice, your heart will grow heavy and troublesome discomfort will overwhelm your body.”

Holy knew that he had stirred up something deep within Joshua’s heart. As Joshua sat contemplating, the monk interrupted him by adding, “Although the learning expedition is infinite, you have acquired much knowledge through this journey that will indeed pave the road for your Character to embark upon. What shall you do with this absorbed information? You may either choose to ignore it, or you may take it into action and practice it through your daily life, and use it as an anchor for your Character ship to keep you grounded at all times.”

“Will I know how to use my knowledge in order to benefit my decisions on Choice-making?”

“What you need now is someone to teach you about Knowledge and I can think of no one better suited for this than Amena the teacher.” Upon these words, Holy rose from his seat, still prudent and calm and with a movement of his cane, invited Joshua to follow him.

Through the basement they walked until they reached a wide hallway supported on each side by a brace of cylindrical columns. Amazed by the history of this secret temple, Joshua walked side by side with his mentor who kept his focus straight ahead. Joshua could not gather his focus on the road ahead but astounded himself with the environment. The elegance of this hallway could not be put into words: Gold columns, marble hand-carved pillars, paintings of the Renaissance and Gothic times neatly embroidered in chronological order. Sketches of kings, queens, philosophers and religious figures covered the walls in a mosaic arrangement. Every depiction enclosed a significant point in history, some Joshua had learned in school and some still unknown to him.

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